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Change lives together with Cornerstone Network!

Change lives together with

Cornerstone Network!

You will make a big impact in partnership with Cornerstone Network! Over the past year, you helped us to spread the Gospel through Christian television, and answer over 60,000 prayer calls ...  And we were blessed with amazing expansion and growth in several areas — including the addition of our new Fire TV app, the growth of our Youtube page to 71,000+ subscribers and over 1.8 million views, and so much more!  Here’s how you’ll continue to help transform our region and the world through your generous donation today:

  • You’ll share the message of salvation with the lost.
  • You’ll build up believers in the faith through the best possible programming that informs, entertains, and edifies.
  • You’ll educate and inspire with great Bible teaching.
  • You’ll touch lives through Cornerstone Cares, our humanitarian ministry.

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