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The Origins television program started by Russ Bixler, co-founder of Cornerstone Television in 1985, was discontinued with his passing in January of 2000. Continuing the Origins television program as a legacy to Russ was very important to the family, so a memorial fund was established for that purpose. Today, over 22 years later, the memorial fund has made it possible for his son Paul, a producer/editor at Cornerstone Television, to develop the new Origins television series. These new programs, hosted by Dr. Ray Heiple, offer a forum to use scientific evidence to validate the truth of creation. 

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Origins shows have been taped with a variety of experts and authors. Programs cover a broad range of topics, such as “Rocks Is Clocks,” The UFO Phenomenon, Genetics, Creatures that Defy Evolution, Dinosaurs, Noah’s Flood, the Biblical Age of the Earth, Lessons from the Grand Canyon, Astronomy, and much more. 



The goal of Origins is to offer in-depth discussions with guests on a wide variety of topics, presenting fascinating examples of God’s incredible handiwork. Each subject is graphically presented in a logical and relevant manner, helping to counter the toxic nature of evolutionary ideas that permeate our culture.  We believe understanding how overwhelming evidence all fits together — “like puzzle pieces” — is vital to truly believing the Genesis story.  

Thanks for your support, both prayerfully and financially. YOU help make the Origins program possible!

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