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We began with a vision.

Cornerstone Television began over 40 years ago – in a vision God gave Norma Bixler during a chance visit to the Christian Broadcasting Network. Sitting there in the lobby of that still-fledgling network, she heard a clear call that God wanted her and her husband, Russ, to build a Christian television station back home in Pittsburgh. It took many months and some marvelous revelations before Russ came to share that conviction – and even then, the couple found that they had their work cut out for them. Their prospective station faced nearly every imaginable hurdle – financial, legal, personal, logistical… and one by one, over the next ten years, God helped them over, under, around, and through each obstacle – with miracle after affirming miracle – to realize the vision He’d given them.

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Again and again, God echoed in the Bixler’s hearts the words of Isaiah 49:22:

“Behold, I will lift up My hand to the nations, and raise My Signal to the peoples.”

That signal was first broadcast on Easter Sunday, April 15, 1979 – and in the many decades since, God has used Cornerstone Television in powerful ways to bring His Word to people all over America and beyond– one heart at a time.


Cornerstone Network has maintained its God-breathed legacy.

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The vision did not end with Russ and Norma Bixler.  Through the visions of our leadership team and staff, Cornerstone has maintained a stellar reputation for quality Christian programming. From “Origins” and “Light Music” to “Sister 2 Sister,” “Dashing Dish,” and “Hope Today,” Cornerstone has been blessed with a creative team of dedicated professionals, as well as the faithful generosity of thousands of fellow believers. Cornerstone Television may have begun with a single vision, but it has been sustained through the generous support of countless caring Christians who volunteered their time, their talents, their prayers, and even their life savings to make the vision of Christian television a reality. When you give to Cornerstone Television, you are helping support a legacy of faith unlike any other: a 24/7 Gospel message broadcasted to millions of homes every single day. Our history has the fingerprints of God–and we know that by faith, the best is yet to come!

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