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It’s your turn to make a video!  We can’t wait to hear how Cornerstone Television has brought you hope, help, or healing.  And who knows?!  You may even see your testimony on television! 

Step 1 — Record: Using your phone in the HORIZONTAL position, record what Cornerstone TV has meant to you, in 2 minutes or less.  If your phone camera has video quality options, be sure to shoot at the highest resolution.

Step 2 — Upload: CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD your video through Dropbox to share your video!  By uploading you are granting Cornerstone TV permission to use your video and its contents on television, in print, and on social media.

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Prefer to call or email your story?

Call 888-665-4483 to share with one of our prayer partners. OR email  Pictures can be included.


*Any testimonial uploads of text, video, and/or pictures can be used on-air and/or in our marketing materials.  By uploading, you are giving CTVN full usage permission. 

Thank you for sharing your good news story! 

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