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Sister 2 Sister

Sister 2 Sister

Wednesdays @ 2pm & 9pm/ET

Saturdays @ 10:30am/ET

Join our “sisters” as they talk real life from a biblical perspective.  From marriage to child-rearing– even politics — nothing is off limits to these ladies.  Among the five Sister 2 Sister co-hosts, you will find an attorney (Roxanne), a pastor (Amy), a missionary (Flo), a young mom (Corri), and a moderator (Kathy Svilar, the cheerleader of the group).  These “sisters” are prone to “agree to disagree,” but they always walk away loving each other … Ultimately, they have the same core values and the same commitment to the Lord.  Their example encourages viewers to re-examine the tough issues of life. 

Here’s what viewers are saying: 

  • “Keep it coming – it was very entertaining!”  
  • “Enjoyed last evening’s show.  Forced husband to watch also!” 
  • “I just so happened to turn my tv on this morning, and it was tuned in to this station.  I was ministered to by you ladies right through the tv.  I have been struggling with Love, trying to fill it in so many different ways with this and that … Leaving myself feeling empty, disappointed, and unfulfilled. I just thank you … This encouraging word today truly is where I’m at and what I need to receive into heart … Thank you.”

Recent Episodes

sister 2 sister: Gamer's & the silent treatment

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

February 21, 2024

Join the sisters of Sister 2 Sister when we take viewer questions: I knew my husband was a gamer before we got married, now I hate it, what do I do? My wife gives me the silent treatment and I don’t know how to resolve our conflict? And… What does it mean to trust God?...

sister 2 sister: God and government

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

February 14, 2024

Join the sisters of Sister 2 Sister when we ask: Should Christians boycott companies that support ungodly policies or practices? Does religion have a place in politics? And… To what extend should we obey those in authority over us? 

sister 2 sister: Corri

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

February 07, 2024

It has been nine years of Sister 2 Sister and the sisters have talked a LOT about a variety of topics but today we are taking a bit of time to ask the sisters how the Lord truly has changed who they are… today we start with Corri asking about her greatest joy, greatest pain...

sister 2 sister: Opening season #9!

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

January 31, 2024

Join the sisters of Sister 2 Sister when we ask: When you get to heaven, what question do you want to ask God? What does it mean to be a Christian? And… How do you make sense of bad things happening in the world if God is loving?

Sister 2 Sister: End of season fun!

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

January 24, 2024

Join the sisters of Sister 2 Sister when we ask: If you could go back five years, what would you change about your future? What was the last crazy adventure you went on? What keeps you up at night? And…  What is your biggest goal in life right now?

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