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God calls each organization to emphasize different aspects of His character and His kingdom. In view of that, we have listed below Cornerstone Television Network distinctives — that is, those things that God has called us to emphasize.

The Essentials

We believe the following foundational truths are clearly expressed in God’s word and have been agreed upon by Christians since the earliest days of the church.

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  • God is a Trinity: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.  All are equally God, though distinct from each other in personhood.
  • Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully man.
  • Man was created by God to be in constant close relationship with him.  This relationship was broken initially through Adam’s sin but also by each individual’s entrance into sin, which is rebellion against God through the breaking of his laws. The Bible says that we all have sinned.  This is the condition in which each of us finds ourselves prior to salvation.
  • Jesus Christ lived to teach us about God’s love.  He died to pay the penalty for our sin, which we ourselves could not pay.  He was resurrected to life after three days.  Therefore, through Jesus we may receive forgiveness of sins and be restored to relationship with God the Father.
  • A person receives salvation by God’s grace through faith. We cannot earn our salvation in any way.  We must merely receive God’s gracious gift and trust completely in Christ’s finished work on the cross.
  • The Holy Spirit is given to each Christian at the moment of salvation.  He is active in leading and guiding each Christian, but he is also active in convicting non-Christians of their need to know Jesus as their Savior.
  • Water Baptism, though not essential for salvation, is a public declaration by the new believer of his faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Each Christian needs to have a place of fellowship with other believers, commonly referred to as a church. However, the church is not a building but rather the gathering together of these believers to worship God and to receive teaching, prayer, and mutual encouragement.


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  • We, the church, are sent into the world by God to share the message of his love and his offer of salvation to the ends of the earth.
  • The Bible is God’s holy and inerrant Word.  It is the revelation of God’s character, his work in history, and his plans for man.  It is the primary source of the Christian’s growth, guidance, and understanding.
  • There is a real tangible place known as heaven that is the destination of every follower of Christ. It is a place of eternal life, joy and peace in the presence of God forever.
  • There is a place of eternal punishment known as hell for those who reject God’s offer of salvation.  God is not willing for anyone to go there, so much so, that he gave his one and only Son to save all who choose to believe.  God is merciful but also just.

Jesus Christ will, according to his promise, return to earth to gather the believers that remain on earth at that time. No one knows the day or the hour of His return.

The beliefs listed above are common to all Christians.  They are the essentials.  They are solidly biblical and agreed upon by theologians of all major denominations and faith traditions.  However, in the body of Christ (the church) there is great diversity in non-essentials.  We recognize this and gladly accept our brothers and sisters who may differ from us in areas of healing, baptism, and eschatology. As John Wesley once said, In essentials: Unity, in non-essentials: Liberty, in all things: Charity.

Ministry Distinctives


We are a television network and as such we will strive to have quality Christian programming throughout our entire broadcast schedule. We also produce our own original programs that are innovative and Christ-centered. In all we do, we will seek to provide entertaining programs that evangelize and edify.

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Our 24-hour prayer line has been in operation since the earliest days of our ministry. We will strive to have a caring prayer partner available at all times for anyone who calls needing prayer and encouragement.


Our programming will reflect a broad spectrum of the body of Christ.

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