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Dashing Dish

Dashing Dish

Watch Tuesdays @ 2pm & 9pm/ET
& Saturdays @ 11am/ET

People say eating healthy is bland and boring, but Katie will show you a better way with wholesome, simple recipes. All dishes are stamped with Katie’s family’s seal of approval.

Think you can’t eat those brownies and pasta? Think again! Join Dashing Dish to learn healthy secrets and easy tips as you prepare meals for your family!

Every week, join Katie Farrell, author, registered nurse and wife & mom to the 2 pickiest eaters on the planet!

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Here’s what viewers are saying: 

I’ve been watching Cornerstone Television for going on 40 years. I was a big fan of Arlene Williams and her cooking show “At Home with Arlene Williams”. I basically raised my four kids during this time. I was really upset when they stopped producing new episodes. So, I admit that when I started watching Dashing Dish, I sort of decided not to like the show, or you, Katie! Well, after only a couple episodes in, I fell in love with you, your show, your family and your friends. I’ve watched last season’s episodes about 4 times each. I’ve joined your community, made a bunch of new things (some things twice). You’ve inspired someone who kept saying “I’m soooo tired of cooking” to start to enjoy cooking again. Yep, Katie, you did this, and you’ve even taught a 60-year-old, who has been cooking since 9 years old to learn some new tricks, try some different ways of cooking things. Now I watch the show with my 2-year-old grandson. I say let’s watch Katie, and he goes “yeah”!!! I love your spiritual words of wisdom too. I think you’re doing everything right. I love and appreciate you! – Nancy

Recent Episodes

Dashing Dish: Company Meals

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

May 21, 2024

Unsure about what to whip up when company’s coming? Join Katie of Dashing Dish when she unveils foolproof go-to company meals guaranteed to delight every guest. Our company menu includes:Succulent Spinach Feta Stuffed Chicken Breasts bursting with flavor Indulgent Bacon & Cheese Cauliflower Gratin with a creamy, crispy finish Delectable White Cheese & Chicken Enchiladas...

Dashing Dish: Introducing Ollie!

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

May 14, 2024

Oliver James Farrell has officially joined our family, and we are reveling in the joy of being a busy family of four. Navigating meals with a picky-eater husband, a spirited 6-year-old, and the newest addition, Ollie, has led Katie to discover the ultimate ally for busy moms the sheet pan! Our sheet pan menu includes:...

Dashing Dish: Nashville or Bust!

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

May 07, 2024

Nashville or Bust! Join in the adventure as Katie & family trades the chilly vibes of the north for the warmth and sunshine of the south, announcing the Farrell’s big move to Nashville, TN!*Our Nashville inspired menu includes:*Indulge in the sizzling goodness of hot and spicy southern fried chicken, given a healthy twist by Dashing...

Dashing Dish: Fan Favorites

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

April 30, 2024

It is Fan Favorite Tuesday, where we’re delighted to showcase the most beloved recipes from Dashing Dish!rnOur lineup of fan favorites includes: rnIndulge in the delightful combination of peanut butter and chocolate with our healthy and protein-packed chocolate peanut butter cup overnight oats. rnSavor the flavor with fresh-from-the-oven muffin tin cheeseburger bites. Experience the joy...

Dashing Dish: The Joy of Sharing

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

April 23, 2024

Embrace the joy of sharing, it is no secret Katie of Dashing Dish delights in sharing her love for food! Although it may seem a bit daunting, today’s show revolves around crafting dishes that are not only delectable but ideal for sharing with your loved ones.rnOur sharing menu includes:rnA fuss-free and delicious No Boil Baked...

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