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Dashing Dish

Dashing Dish

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People say eating healthy is bland and boring, but Katie will show you a better way with wholesome, simple recipes. All dishes are stamped with Katie’s family’s seal of approval.

Think you can’t eat those brownies and pasta? Think again! Join Dashing Dish to learn healthy secrets and easy tips as you prepare meals for your family!

Every week, join Katie Farrell, author, registered nurse and wife & mom to the 2 pickiest eaters on the planet!

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Here’s what viewers are saying: 

I’ve been watching Cornerstone Television for going on 40 years. I was a big fan of Arlene Williams and her cooking show “At Home with Arlene Williams”. I basically raised my four kids during this time. I was really upset when they stopped producing new episodes. So, I admit that when I started watching Dashing Dish, I sort of decided not to like the show, or you, Katie! Well, after only a couple episodes in, I fell in love with you, your show, your family and your friends. I’ve watched last season’s episodes about 4 times each. I’ve joined your community, made a bunch of new things (some things twice). You’ve inspired someone who kept saying “I’m soooo tired of cooking” to start to enjoy cooking again. Yep, Katie, you did this, and you’ve even taught a 60-year-old, who has been cooking since 9 years old to learn some new tricks, try some different ways of cooking things. Now I watch the show with my 2-year-old grandson. I say let’s watch Katie, and he goes “yeah”!!! I love your spiritual words of wisdom too. I think you’re doing everything right. I love and appreciate you! – Nancy

Recent Episodes

Dashing Dish: For the Love of Veggies

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

December 05, 2023

It is all about veggies! With over 6 different varieties on the show, Katie will try to find something, Sean, her husband and a self-proclaimed veggie hater- enjoys!

Dashing Dish: Healthy Take Out with friends

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

November 28, 2023

Can you make your favorite take out healthy? Katie’s friends are joining her in the kitchen for grain free chicken nuggets & sauce, gluten free pizza with all the toppings and sparkling slushies to drink. Healthy take out with friends is going to make this get together a blast and easy on the waist line!

Dashing Dish: Thanksgiving Special

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

November 21, 2023

Join Katie of Dashing Dish as she welcomes us into her new home in Tennessee as she and her family celebrate Thanksgiving! Homecoming with family, what could be better!

Dashing Dish: 15 Minute Meals

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

November 14, 2023

As women, we often face more demands than ever before! Working moms join together in the kitchen to discuss how 15-minute meals can save the day when it comes to feeding your family nutritious meals on busy week nights! One of Katie’s working mom friends joins her in kitchen to talk all things as they...

Dashing Dish: Q & A with Katie & Sean

2:00 PM - 30 minutes

November 07, 2023

One of the most common questions Katie gets asked on Dashing Dish is: ‘what are your favorites?’ It is too hard to pick a favorite. While Katie & Sean answer questions from our viewer, we will be sharing some of Katie’s favorites that have become staples in her family. Italian-Style Stuffed Red Peppers, 5 Ingredient...

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