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Hope Today

Hope Today

Our world is looking for hope like never before, and as Christians, we know the only hope that lasts is found in Jesus Christ. Hope Today is CTVN’s response to dealing with current cultural issues from a Christian perspective. Our heart is to bring hope, help, and healing to those who watch, and lead viewers into a deeper relationship with God — while hearing interviews with authors, faith leaders, and world changers. The addition of our current events segment adds value for the viewer, as our on-air team discusses issues and hot topics concerning our society.

If you’re looking for daily hope, encouragement, and inspiration, join hosts Tom Hollis and Sydni Goldman — along with Amanda Brougher, Amy Schafer, Anna Frye, Angela Madden & Corey Lankford for 30 minutes each day, Monday through Friday, on Hope Today!

Recent Episodes

Hope Today: One man's journey of overcoming addiction

9:00 AM - 30 minutes

September 29, 2023

Discover one man’s journey of overcoming addiction and finding purpose. Author Michael J. Heil shares his story of how he was saved from the clutches of addiction and what it took for God to turn his life around.

Hope Today: Break free from the silence

9:00 AM - 30 minutes

September 28, 2023

Learn how to break free from the silence and proclaim the truth of the Gospel. Pastor and revivalist Myles Rutherford challenges Christians to embrace their role as voices of righteousness in a time of moral decay.

Hope Today: Discover God's character

9:00 AM - 30 minutes

September 27, 2023

Discover God’s character by exploring the Book of Revelation. Author Jeff Kinley examines 13 characteristics of God that Revelation uniquely and vividly illustrates through its foretelling of Earth’s last days.

Hope Today: Combat loneliness

9:00 AM - 30 minutes

September 26, 2023

Learn to combat loneliness and uncover the transformative power of friendship. Speaker and author Justin Whitmel Earley offers life-changing habits that will help you drift away from isolation and into a life filled with meaningful friendships.

Hope Today: Signs and Secrets of the Messiah

9:00 AM - 30 minutes

September 25, 2023

Explore the “Signs and Secrets of the Messiah.” Author Rabbi Jason Sobel dives deep into scripture and offers a fresh look at the miracles of Jesus and how He still performs them even today.

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