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Hope Today

Hope Today

Our world is looking for hope like never before, and as Christians, we know the only hope that lasts is found in Jesus Christ. Hope Today is CTVN’s response to dealing with current cultural issues from a Christian perspective. Our heart is to bring hope, help, and healing to those who watch, and lead viewers into a deeper relationship with God — while hearing interviews with authors, faith leaders, and world changers. The addition of our current events segment adds value for the viewer, as our on-air team discusses issues and hot topics concerning our society.

If you’re looking for daily hope, encouragement, and inspiration, join our hosts for 30 minutes each day, Monday through Friday, on Hope Today! Now airing at 3:30pm/ET, 8pm/ET and 1am/ET.

Recent Episodes

Hope Today: Combat negative thinking

3:30 PM - 30 minutes

May 17, 2024

Combat negative thinking by abiding in God’s truth. Podcast host and author Vera Schmitz shows us how speaking truth to ourselves provides the kind of peace that transcends our circumstances.

Hope Today: The key to trusting God

3:30 PM - 30 minutes

May 16, 2024

Discover the key to trusting God, even when it seems like a challenge. In her new book, Tethered Trust, best-selling author Becky Harling invites us to look at one small yet life-changing verse that shows how Jesus wants us to know and trust Him.

Hope Today: God's faithfulness amidst crisis

3:30 PM - 30 minutes

May 15, 2024

Be encouraged by a powerful story of the goodness of God! Tim Burgan joins us to share his extraordinary testimony of God’s faithfulness amidst a sudden health crisis. Plus, he talks about “His Place”, and the real-life counterpart to the much-loved show.

Hope Today: Dwell in God's abundant peace

3:30 PM - 30 minutes

May 14, 2024

Author and founder of Living Waters ministry Ray Comfort shows us how it is possible to replace feelings of anxiety and fear with assurance and joy.

Hope Today: Stand proudly in your uniqueness

3:30 PM - 30 minutes

May 13, 2024

Embrace the notion that we can stand proudly in our uniqueness. Author and mentor Cally Logan challenges societal norms that force the “shy” and “quiet” into predetermined roles of invisibility and shows us how to break free and become our most authentic selves.

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